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10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know (eBook)

Author: Jeff Anderson

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Whether writing a blog entry or a high-stakes test essay, fiction or non-fiction, short story or argumentation, students need to know certain things in order to write effectively. In 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know, Jeff Anderson focuses on developing the concepts and application of ten essential aspects of good writing – motion, models, focus, detail, form, frames, cohesion, energy, words and clutter. 

Throughout the book, Jeff provides dozens of model texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that bring alive the ten things every writer needs to know. By analysing strong mentor texts, young writers learn what is possible and experiment with the strategies professional writers use. Students explore, discover and apply what makes good writing work. Jeff dedicates a chapter to each of the ten things every writer needs to know and provides mini-lessons, mentor texts, writing process strategies and classroom tips that will motivate students to confidently and competently take on any writing task. 

With standardized tests and Common Core Curriculum influencing classrooms nationwide, educators must stay true to what works in writing instruction. 10 Things Every Writer Needs to Know keeps teachers on track – encouraging, discovering, inspiring, reminding and improving writing through conversation, inquiry and the support of good writing behaviours.