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100 Minutes: Making Every Minute Count in the Literacy Block

Author: Lisa Donohue

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ISBN: 9781760016685

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Publish date: 01/10/2015

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skills, strategies, and elements that fit under the "literacy" umbrella can
seem overwhelming. In today's classroom, balanced literacy encompasses
higher-order thinking, accountable talk, collaborative learning, digital and
media literacy, as well as modelled, guided, and independent learning. How do
teachers do it all in just 100 minutes a day?

Minutes: Making Every Minute Count
in the Literacy
Block is a comprehensive look at literacy and learning that includes reading,
writing, oral communication and digital literacy. This timely book shows
teachers how to fit balanced literacy into a daily 100-minute literacy block
using a framework of whole-class instruction and focused small-group sessions,
combined with independent work.

chunking a literacy block into three distinct sections, this practical resource
argues that it is possible to provide opportunities for students to engage in
all aspects of literacy. It offers strategies for dealing with the important
elements of literacy instruction, including

  • sharing and conferencing

  • using exemplars

  • creating success criteria

  • providing effective feedback and

  • building in rich tasks, higher-level
    thinking, open-ended questions, and collaborative learning opportunities

  • thinking critically and analytically about
    all kinds of texts

Minutes: Making Every Minute Count
in the
Literacy Block
shows teachers how to manage a literacy block in which
students have choice and voice in their learning, capitalize on their own
strengths, identify areas for growth, and set personal learning goals. This
remarkable book demonstrates that it is possible to create a literacy block
that allows teachers to meet with students for guided reading and writing
conferences, and provide daily explicit instruction in both reading and