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What Makes a Star Teacher: 7 Dispositions That Support Student Learning

Author: Valerie Hill-Jackson, Nicholas D. Hartlep, Delia Stafford

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ISBN: 9781760568634

No of Pages: 228

Publish date: 28/11/2019

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How do some teachers manage to expertly engage students in deep learning, harmonise mandated standards with individual student needs and create trusting relationships in the classroom? What typically sets these "Star Teachers" apart from other teachers?

In What Makes a Star Teacher: 7 Dispositions That Support Student Learning, Valerie Hill-Jackson, Nicholas D. Hartlep and Delia Stafford provide a framework that can help ensure that you are your students' greatest asset – and a star teacher in your classroom. The book is grounded in studies conducted and ideas developed over a half-century by educational theorist Martin Haberman, whose models are used in hundreds of school districts across the United States. It's designed to help you assess, develop and reflect upon seven key dispositions of Haberman's Star Teacher framework:

  • Persistence

  • Positive values about student learning

  • The ability to adapt general theories into pedagogical practices

  • An encouraging approach to students classified as at risk

  • A professional versus a personal orientation to learners

  • The ability to navigate school bureaucracy

  • A willingness to admit one's shortcomings

Full of insightful authentic examples, practical and ready-to-use strategies and numerous suggested resources, What Makes a Star Teacher offers what every teacher – and every student – needs to thrive in any classroom.