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Leading High-Performance School Systems: Lessons from the World’s Best

Author: Marc Tucker

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ISBN: 9781760565145

No of Pages: 246

Publish date: 24/01/2019

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Did you know that close to half of today’s jobs in the United States could be done by robots and that proportion is rapidly increasing? It is quite possible that about half of today’s high school graduates will not have the knowledge or skills needed to get a decent job when they graduate. Tomorrow’s high school graduates will be able to thrive in this environment, but only if school superintendents, central office executives and principals use the strategies employed by the world’s top-performing education systems to build the high-performance education systems today’s students will need to succeed tomorrow.

In Leading High-Performance School Systems: Lessons from the World’s Best, Marc Tucker, a leading expert on top-performing school systems with more than 30 years of experience studying the global economy and education systems worldwide, details how top-performing school systems have met head-on the challenges facing school leaders today. You’ll learn why our current system is obsolete, explore the knowledge and skills needed to design and build first-rate education systems, and gain a solid understanding of the key elements of high-performance school systems, including the following:

  • A powerful, coherent instructional systems with school-leaving certifications that mean much more than today’s high school diploma.

  • Partnerships with first-rate universities to ensure a steady supply of highly capable, well-educated and well-trained teachers.

  • Schools reorganised around highly qualified professional teachers with a career ladder they can climb.

  • High expectations and personalised support to ensure that children arrive at each year level ready to learn.

  • An equitable system that closes the gaps in student performance.

  • Vocational education for talented youth seeking an applied, academically rigorous education.