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Assessment Literacy for Educators in a Hurry

Author: W. James Popham

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ISBN: 9781760565237

No of Pages: 154

Publish date: 12/12/2019

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What is assessment literacy? It’s a handful of fundamental understandings about the testing concepts and procedures that influence educational decisions. And it just might be the most cost-effective means of real school improvement. With characteristic humour and aplomb, assessment expert W. James Popham strips away the psychometrician-speak and condenses the complexities of educational testing to six practical and action-oriented understandings about validity, reliability, fairness, score reporting, formative assessment and affective assessment. This book is for busy educators at the classroom and leadership levels who want:

  • tests that are worth the valuable time they take to administer

  • tests that accurately measure what students have learned

  • tests that fairly reflect teacher and school effectiveness

  • tests that provide the instructionally useful data that will help students learn faster and better.

Assessment Literacy for Educators in a Hurry is the fastest route to acquiring the measurement moxie necessary to understand and advocate for better assessment practices and build a case for stopping ineffective and harmful ones. In just a few hours’ time, you can pick up the knowledge you need to do a whole lot of good – for your students, yourself and our schools.