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A Handbook for Personalised Competency-Based Education

Author: Robert Marzano, Jennifer S Norford, Michelle Finn, Douglas Finn III

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ISBN: 9781760563424

No of Pages: 242

Publish date: 24/05/2017

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In F–12 education’s growing movement of competency-based education and personalised learning, both contradictory and overlapping definitions emerge around these two terms. To establish a shared meaning, A Handbook for PersonaliSed Competency-Based Education delves into the components of personalised competency-based education (PCBE). Authors Robert J. Marzano, Jennifer S. Norford, Michelle Finn and Douglas Finn III and contributors Rebecca Mestaz and Roberta Selleck offer a clear approach to implementing a PCBE system and explore strategies that educators should consider as they design a culture to ensure students’ content mastery.

F–12 teachers and leaders will

  • receive clear guidance on implementing a PCBE system

  • consider changes in providing and scheduling instruction, reporting grades and measuring student progress

  • comprehend the variety of assessments available to them and learn how to develop proficiency scales

  • read vignettes that illustrate the shifts that should occur to foster PCBE

  • discover how to use behaviour rubrics, personal tracking matrices, report cards and other tools in aiding instruction and assessment.