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Aligning School Districts as PLCs

Author: Mark Van Clay, Perry Soldwedel, Thomas Many

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ISBN: 9781742391847

No of Pages: 164

Publish date: 30/10/2012

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District-wide alignment is the organisational equivalent of ensuring that every student learns. To fully realise its potential, a professional learning community (PLC) must align around three big ideas: a focus on learning, a collaborative culture, and a results orientation. For each of these ideas, there must be common agreement and expectations around certain non-negotiable policies and practices. This book shows how to align around these non-negotiables across strategic, tactical and operational roles. The authors explain

  • Alignment’s essential components

  • Loose versus tight leadership

  • The importance of role bridges

  • Intentional collaboration

  • The need for audience-based data

  • The use of alignment self-assessment instruments

PLCs have demonstrated their success. Aligning School Districts as PLCs takes up the challenge of replicating that success on a larger scale.