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Anthony W Jackson


Anthony W. Jackson is vice president for education at the Asia Society, which works to integrate knowledge about Asia and the world as a mainstay of US education. Since 2005, he has led the development of the Asia Society’s International Studies Schools Network, an effort to create a network of small, effective, internationally themed secondary schools across the US. Before joining the Asia Society, he was a director of the Walt Disney Company’s Disney Learning Partnership. Trained in both developmental psychology and education, Anthony is one of the leading US experts on secondary school reform and adolescent development. He worked as a senior staff member on the Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families and later directed the Carnegie Corporation Task Force on the Education of Young Adolescents, which produced the ground-breaking report Turning Points. He also co-authored the follow-up blueprint Turning Points 2000, which transformed many of the design principles in the original report into concrete action steps for new and reconstituted secondary schools.