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ASCD Arias Publication: Solving 25 Problems in Unit Design

Author: Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins

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ISBN: 9781760015800

No of Pages: 68

Publish date: 01/05/2015

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Curriculum design experts Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins have
reviewed thousands of curriculum documents and unit plans across a range of subjects
and grades. In this book, they identify and describe the 25 most common
problems in unit design and recommend how to fix them – and avoid them when
planning new units.

The design process in Solving
25 Problems in Unit Design
proposes that effective curriculum is planned
backward from long-term aims through a three-step design process:

  1. Identify
    desired results

  2. Specify
    assessment evidence

  3. Detail
    the learning plan.

This backward design process helps to avoid  the common twin problems of textbook coverage
and activity-oriented teaching in which no clear priorities and purposes are
apparent. The process helps teachers help students uncover important ideas of
content while promoting meaningful student engagement around outcomes that

McTighe and Wiggins, authors of Understanding by Design, help you use the process of backward
design to trouble shoot your units and achieve tighter alignment and focus on
learning priorities. Whether you’re working with local or national standards or
with other learning goals, you can rely on their practical and proven solutions
to promote deeper and better learning for your students.