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Katherine Mills Hernandez


Katherine Mills Hernandez grew up in Brooklyn and Haines Falls (in the Catskills), New York, and currently lives in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. From earliest memories, writing was a need, more than a passion, and journaling quickly became as routine as the midday meal. The classroom was the most exciting and challenging place for Katherine and she continues to thrive in classrooms as teacher and learner.

From New York University, Katherine earned a Master of the Art of Teaching degree, preparing her for challenges ahead. Her first six years of teaching were guided by the champions of literacy education at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. For nine years, Katherine taught approximately 90 students each year, grades 6 through 8, at The Clinton School for Writers and Artists, a public middle school in Manhattan. She also chaired the English department and served as teacher coach there.

After moving to the Poconos, Katherine served as consultant for TCRWP, travelling the country training educators to launch rich reading and writing instruction with TCRWP’s Units of Study. Simultaneously, Katherine worked for the National Writing Project, providing professional development for teachers of upper elementary students in a local public school district.

Katherine’s newest teaching adventure challenges her in new ways, with fewer students in a private school setting, and plenty of freedom to design curricula that stimulate life-long literacy and learning practices.