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Kathleen O’Connell Hopping


Kathleen O’Connell Hopping, a Lesley University graduate, received her Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Boston University. While at Lesley she met Linda Dacey, the professor most responsible for Kathy’s evolving love and understanding of mathematics. It was during this time and through her experiences as an elementary school classroom teacher in training that the “why” of mathematics became clear. Through manipulative models and visual representations she was able to develop a much better understanding of how students learn best.

Her early years teaching fourth grade on Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts, exposed her to the challenges of working with transient populations of students that posed significant issues regarding their different backgrounds and experiences in mathematics. 

Kathy remains fascinated by the many ways children need to demonstrate mastery and thinking, speaking, and writing mathematically remain foremost in her teaching. She also values her ability to reflect on her own professional practice and strives to develop those very same skills in her students as they work to provide evidence of continued growth and learning.

Currently, Kathy is employed by the Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Massachusetts as a Math Specialist for grades K-5. Her primary focus remains on mathematics teaching and learning, and creating and implementing creative ways to consistently combine the two in the classroom setting.