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Basic Not Boring Series: Global Studies 5-8

Author: Imogene Forte, Marjorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781740256612

Publish date: 03/04/2002

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This is no ordinary fill-in-the-blanks way to learn. These exercises are fun and surprising. Students will do the useful work of practicing social studies skills while they enjoy characters of many cultures who lead them to explore social and cultural concepts. They will examine what makes groups and societies tick and get a look inside the WTO, ILO and IMF. The pages are written with the assumption that an adult will be available to assist the student with their learning and practice. Students will also need access to social studies resources such as maps and globes, atlases, Internet reference sources and encyclopedias.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Global Studies

- 26 Skills Exercises

- Global Studies Terms

- Nations of the World

- Global Studies Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- World Nations
- Political Entities - Dependencies
- Social & Cultural Concepts
- Society/Groups
- Social Groups/Roles
- Social Groups/Authority
- Rules & Laws
- Social Institutions
- Cultural Traits/Subcultures
- Cultural Expressions
- Development of Culture
- World Cities
- Political Systems
- Economic Systems
- World Economics
- World Organisations & Institutions
- World Religions
- Influences of Geography on Culture
- World Languages
- Human-Made Cultural Features
- Cultural Traditions
- Cultural Traditions & Conditions
- World Population
- Global Connections