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Basic Not Boring Series: Graphing Statistics & Probability 5-8

Author: Imogene Forte, Marjorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781740252584

Publish date: 17/08/2000

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Basic Not Boring maths skills have been developed to sharpen skills and raise achievement. There are a number of interesting adventures students can explore as they celebrate basic maths skills with graphing, statistics, and probability. Sharpening maths skills while enjoying wild adventures of extreme sport and wacky adventures. Each page invites the students to practice high interest maths, while making good use of thinking skills as they step into the world of dare devil activities and wild fun. The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Graphing, Statistics & Probability

- 36 Skills Exercises

- Terms for Graphing, Statistics & Probability

- Graphing, Statistics and Probability Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Make a Frequency Table from Data - Histograms: Read and Interpret Frequency Graphs
- Read & Interpret Tables of Statistics - Complete a Line Graph
- Find Range & Mean in Data - Complete & Interpret a Circle Graph
- Find Median & Mode in Data - Complete a Bar Graph
- Read & Interpret a Line Graph - Read & Interpret a Scattergram
- Read & Interpret a Bar Graph - Read & Interpret a Multiple Line Graph
- Identify Events; Find Probability - Outcomes of Two Actions
- Use Counting Principle to Find Outcomes - Describe Permutations
- Find Probability of Independent Events - Find Probability of Dependent Events
- Use Probability to Solve Problems - Use Random Sampling; Make Probability Predictions
- Complete a Multiple Line Graph - Read & Interpret a Double Bar Graph
- Complete a Double Bar Graph - Interpretations & Conclusions from Data)
- Solve Problems from Data - Describe Outcomes
- Use Tree Diagrams to Show Outcomes - Identify Combinations
- Find Odds of an Event