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Basic Not Boring Series: Middle Years Book of Science Tests

Author: Imogene Forte

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ISBN: 9781740256605

Publish date: 04/02/2002

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This is a book of science tests for middle year students. It will provide teachers with tools for keeping track of how students are progressing on skills or standards. It's everything you've wanted in a group of ready-made assessments. The tests cover all the basic skill areas for science. There are 23 tests within 5 areas:

- Science Concepts and Processes: Science concepts and processes skills checklist, nature and history of science, science concepts, science processes.

- Life Science: Life science skills checklist, life characteristics and processes, simple organisms, plants, animals, ecology .

- Human Body and Health: Human body and health skills checklist, body systems part 1, body systems part 2, diseases and disorders, fitness and health.

- Physical Science: physical science skills checklist, matter: structure and properties, matter: changes and interactions, force and motion, energy, waves, sound and light.

- Earth and Space Science: Earth and space science skills checklist, space science, earth composition, earth changes and processes, rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater, oceans, air, weather and climate.

The books also include student and class record sheets and answer keys. The tests are student-friendly and the students will be surprised that they are tests at all. The pages are inviting and fun. Four inquisitive scientists ramble through the pages, leading students through unique and interesting challenges and investigations.