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Basic Not Boring Series: Middle Years Book of Social Studies Tests

Author: Imogene Forte

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ISBN: 9781740256599

No of Pages: 132

Publish date: 15/10/2008

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This is a book of social studies tests for middle year students. It will provide teachers with tools for keeping track of how students are mastering basic skills. It's everything you've wanted in a group of ready-made assessments. The tests cover all the basic skill areas for social studies. There are tests within five areas:

1. World Understandings (cultural concepts and relationships, world cultures, economics)

2. World Geography (geographical features, world regions, important places and spaces, Australian Geography, human geography)

3. Map Skills (map tools and resources, directions, distances and locations, finding information on maps)

4. World History (major eras and events, people, places and organisations, ancient world history, medieval and modern history, modern history since 1900)

5. Australian History (major events, people, places and organisations)

Each section contains a list of skills for the content area, student
exercises, a ready-to-use assessment tool and a complete answer key. The book also includes student and class record sheets and answer keys.