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Basic Not Boring Series: Middle Years Economics

Author: Imogene Forte, Marjorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781741014341

Publish date: 11/12/2004

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Basic Not Boring: Middle Years Economics gives students the opportunity to tour the Australian Economy. They will review important facts about structure of the government, the workings of the economy and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.


The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Economics

- Terms for Economics

- 22 Skills Exercises

- Economics Skills Test & Answer Key


The skills exercises include the following:

- Economic Concepts
- Production of Money
- Earning Money
- Spending Money
- Banking - Savings Accounts
- Cheque Accounts
- Credit
- Interest - Budgets
- Economic Choices; Costs & Benefits
- Workings of the Economy
- Supply & Demand; Prices; Competition
- Incentives
- Taxes - The Reserve Bank; Monetary Policy
- Global Economics
- Economic Terms and Concepts