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Basic Not Boring Series: Whole Numbers and Integers 5-8

Author: Imogene Forte, Marjorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781740250696

Publish date: 03/12/1999

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This book introduces students from the middle years to whole numbers and integers. Each page invites the learner to try high interest, appealing exercises that will help students with a new skill, reinforce an existing skill or assess a student's performance or understanding. This is no ordinary fill-in-the-blanks way to learn. Whole Numbers and Integers is based on a sports theme, so students use critical maths skills while learning interesting facts, such as how much can be earned collecting baseball cards or how much new tennis shoes cost. Students will enjoy and develop an understanding about numbers and how they work. The pages are written with the assumption that an adult will be available to assist the student with their learning and practice.

The book includes:

- Skills Checklist for Whole Numbers and Integers

- 29 Skills Exercises

- Whole Numbers and Integers Skills Test & Answer Key

The skills exercises include the following:

- Read & Write Whole Numbers - Place Value of Whole Numbers
- Whole Numbers in Expanded Form - Round Whole Numbers
- Add & Subtract Whole Numbers - Properties of Operations
- Properties of Numbers - Identify Multiples
- Common Multiples & Lowest Common Multiples - Add & Multiply Whole Numbers
- Divide Whole Numbers - Divisibility
- Prime & Composite Factors) - Powers of Ten
- Multiply by Powers of Ten - Divide by Powers of Ten
- Word Problems with Whole Numbers - Estimation with Whole Numbers
- Equations with Whole Numbers - Equations with Whole Numbers
- Select Correct Operation - Read, Write, Compare & Order Integers
- Add & Subtract Integers - Multiply Integers
- Multiply Integers - Divide Integers
- Equations with Integers