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Basic Not Boring Years 5-6

Author: Imogene Forte, Marjorie Frank

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ISBN: 9781740252478

No of Pages: 352

Publish date: 13/09/2005

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Basic Not Boring Years 5-6 is an interdisciplinary resource designed for middle years students. The book provides tools for reinforcing concepts and skills for identifying areas that need additional attention. The book is split into four sections:

1. English (reading, spelling, writing, language & usage) & Society & Environment (overview of historical events, colonisation, capital cities, australian federation, bill of rights etc.)

2. Maps and Geography (tools, resources, titles, keys, scale, hemispheres, geographic terms, latitude, longitude, time zone etc.) 

3. Science (health and fitness, chemical & physical changes, matter, heat, electricity, force, motion, space, rocks, oceans etc.)

4. Maths (problem solving, computation and numbers, geometry, graphing)

Each section contains a list of skills for the content area, student
exercises, a ready-to-use assessment tool and a complete answer key.