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Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essays (eBook)

Author: Kimberly Hill Campbell, Kristi Latimer

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Research shows that the formula restricts creativity, emphasises structure rather than content, does not improve standardised test scores, inadequately prepares students for college writing and results in vapid writing. In Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay, Kimberly and Kristi show you how to reclaim the literary essay and create a program that encourages thoughtful writing in response to literature. They provide numerous strategies that stimulate student thinking, value unique insight and encourage lively, personal writing, including

  • close reading (which is the basis for writing about literature)

  • low-stakes writing options that support students' thinking as they read

  • collaboration in support of discussion, debate and organisational structures that support writing as exploration

  • a focus on students' writing process as foundational to content development and structure

  • the use of model texts to write in the form of the literature students are reading and analysing