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Bill Sheskey


Bill Sheskey, MA, is the director of instructional technology for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a Curriculum 21 faculty team member. He is a lifetime educator with experience as a school district instructional technology specialist, classroom teacher, and athletic coach. Bill designs and facilitates a series of engaging workshops for educators at international, national, state, and local education conferences that provide participants with interactive tools to engage in the upgrade of curriculum. These dynamic experiences for all levels of educators provide hands-on experience in the development of authentic assessment strategies, essential question writing, and the use of web 2.0 tools. His writing focuses on connecting with tech-savvy students and engaging them with the communication tools that they use in their daily lives. 

Bill is a contributing author to Heidi Hayes Jacobs’s Curriculum 21: An Essential Education for a Changing World.