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Brigance: CIBS-II Record Book (Criterion-referenced) (Set of 10)

Author: Albert Brigance, Curriculum Associates

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ISBN: 9781760012441

No of Pages: 84

Publish date: 23/04/2014

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The BRIGANCE Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills II, or CIBS-II, is a comprehensive collection of valid, reliable and well-researched reading, English and maths assessments for students with special needs in years P-9. The CIBS-II Record Book (criterion-referenced) is the complete paper record-keeping solution for teachers, administrators, parents and professionals using the two-volume CIBS-II Reading/English and CIBS-II Mathematics with students to offer a complete range of information on students' academic skill levels, as demonstrated under real-life, everyday conditions.

The CIBS-II is designed to meet the requirements of programs serving students with special needs. The curriculum-based assessments and year-level placement tests in the CIBS-II allow teachers to accurately pinpoint a student's present level of achievement. Teachers can then identify a sequence of objectives for planning level-appropriate instruction, for writing IEPs and for individualising ongoing assessment and progress monitoring. CIBS-II Reading/English includes reading and writing assessments for years P-9 as well as Year-Level Placement tests for years 1-9. The assessments in the Readiness section can be used to determine foundation year (prep, reception etc.) or first-year readiness and to measure progress throughout the first critical years. The Inventory's key skill areas correlate to commonly tested skills and strategies that reflect common teaching.