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Brigance: IED III 2014: Standardisation and Validation Manual

Author: Brian French

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ISBN: 9781760012014

No of Pages: 296

Publish date: 07/05/2014

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The Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III) Standardisation and Validation Manual is the complete guide to the science underpinning this trusted developmental assessment tool and the research behind it, including the detailed, U.S.-wide sampling that took place prior to this new edition.

The IED III Standardised, an inventory of norm-referenced assessments, is designed to be administered by teachers, developmental and school psychologists, and other education and early childhood professionals. To meet their assessment needs, the IED III Standardised produces a complete range of information on a child’s early developmental and academic skills. Because skills within these assessments are scaled and, therefore, gradually increase in difficulty, a child’s present level of performance can be pinpointed within a skill continuum.

The Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (IED-III) contains information on general and specific administration procedures for the IED-III Standardised; information on interpreting results; standardisation, reliability and score validation information; and detailed information on converting scores and charting progress.