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Brigance: IED III: Box of Materials

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Publish date: 30/05/2014

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The BRIGANCE Inventory of Early Development III, or IED III, is a comprehensive collection of valid, reliable, well-researched developmental assessments for children from birth to seven years of age. The IED III produces a complete range of information on a child's developmental progress through distinct developmental skill sequences performed in authentic, everyday conditions.

The Brigance IED-III Box of Materials contains items needed for administering the Brigance IED-III with children in the quickest and simplest fashion.

It includes:

  • Primary Pencils (2)

  • Blank sheets of paper for covering items

  • Box of crayons

  • Coloured blocks (12): red, orange, yellow, blue and green

  • Coloured pencils (five, each a different colour)

  • Regular Pencils (2)

  • Nesting containers

  • Rattle

  • Shapes (circles and squares) of two colours (16)

  • Counters (12)

  • Squeaking toy

The Brigance IED-III Box of Materials is the handy toolkit containing all you need to administer the IED-III with children in the easiest and most painless way possible.