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Brigance: Transition Skills 2014: Activities (TSA)

Author: Curriculum Associates

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ISBN: 9781760012649

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Publish date: 25/11/2014

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The BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities is a comprehensive collection of
age-appropriate lesson plans and activities that support classroom instruction
and transition planning for students preparing for life after secondary school.
The Transition Skills Activities is designed to align directly to the
assessments found in the BRIGANCE Transition Skills Inventory (TSI).

The Transition Skills Activities consists of lesson plans, with each
incorporating activities that are designed to help special educators and
transition specialists support their students in building important
post-secondary skills. Many activities are complemented by the Transition
Skills Activities Student Book
, which offers a range of exercises
intended to reinforce and build on the classroom work. The Student Book is
most appropriate for students with more developed reading and writing

Lesson plans in the Transition Skills Activities cover a broad
range of knowledge and skills important for a successful transition to adult
life. These lessons assist with transition planning and align with key skill
areas assessed in the TSI, including Post-Secondary Opportunities (both
education/training and employment), Independent Living and Community