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Brigance: Transition Skills 2014: Record Book (Set of 10)

Author: Curriculum Associates

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ISBN: 9781760012632

No of Pages: 84

Publish date: 27/08/2014

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The BRIGANCE Transition Skills Inventory, or TSI, is a
comprehensive collection of research-based, age-appropriate assessments that
support formal transition planning for students with special needs preparing
for life after secondary school.

The TSI helps special education teachers, program directors
and transition specialists address the following common requirements for
transition planning.

  • Administer age-appropriate transition

  • Identify students' strengths and transition
    service needs.

  • Develop IEPs that include a student's present
    level of performance, measurable post-secondary goals and recommendations on
    how to meet these goals.

The Brigance Transition Skills Inventory Record Book
provides a record-keeping system for educators administering the Brigance
Transition Skills Inventory with their student that is ongoing, specific,
graphic and easily communicated.

The clear and concise layout offers an instant breakdown of
a student's ongoing performance throughout the inventory, and can be used in conjunction with the Brigance Online Management System (subscription rates apply) to form a complete record-keeping system for students, classes and schools.