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Cognitive Coaching Seminars Foundation Training Learning Guide, 11th Edition

Author: Arthur Costa, Robert Garmston

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ISBN: 9781760566043

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This updated, Australian edition of the Cognitive Coaching Seminars Foundation Training Learning Guide is designed to accompany and support a seminar intended to develop participants’ understanding, skilfulness, capacities and identity as a mediator who can, in turn, produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for high performance both independently and as members of a community.

Used in conjunction with Cognitive Coaching Seminars, this learning guide helps coaches examine the relationship between a teacher’s perceptions, attitude, thinking and behaviours, which, in turn, affect student learning. It is intended to accompany and stimulate a series of experience for educators who provide staff development, who are coaches or who are learning to serve in helping capacities. These may include resource teachers, administrators,
instructional coaches, supervisors of student teaching, mentors, department chairpersons or peer teachers.