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The Presenter’s Fieldbook: A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition

Author: Robert Garmston

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ISBN: 9781760566074

No of Pages: 200

Publish date: 29/11/2018

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Proper presentations have the power to persuade and transform
people and organisations. This is a book about the art of presenting. Using
current knowledge about learning, this book describes best practices for
designing, delivering, debriefing and growing from the presenting experience.
Some highlights include how to give a two-minute speech, getting comfortable in
your own skin, overcoming resistance and audience fatigue, and how to
de-demonise the personal digital devices in training rooms today.

What’s new in this edition is information on interactive
presentation technology, making the first 5 minutes magical, a new treatment of
presentation design and attention to cultural mindfulness. This third edition
continues to be a guidebook for anyone who has ever stood before a group to
make a presentation – novices and experts alike. For novices the book provides
a respected foundation upon which to enhance learning for adults. For experienced
presenters it offers an opportunity to fine tine your work in specific areas.
For the specialist, professor or trainer of those teaching adults, it serves as
a curriculum guide.