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Challenging Australian Curriculum Maths Lessons: Activities and Extensions for Gifted and Advanced Learners in Year 7

Author: Center For Gifted Education, James Moroney

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ISBN: 9781760017361

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Publish date: 23/05/2016

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The Australian Curriculum: Mathematics is a framework for
F–10 curriculum standards that describe the mathematics skills and concepts
students need to develop for success in higher education and the 21st-century
workplace. This book from the Center for Gifted Education provides gifted and
advanced learners challenging activities related to the Australian Curriculum:
Mathematics. The 22 lessons cover mathematics content for Year 7, including
number and place value, fractions and decimals, patterns and algebra, using
units of measurement, shape, and data representation and interpretation. Each
lesson follows a predictable structure and includes a teacher page that
outlines the content descriptions and mathematical practices covered, estimated
time, key terms, materials and objectives. The lessons all contain a
challenging activity to allow students to explore the concepts in depth,
practice problems and an assessment similar to Australian Curriculum-based
year-level standardised assessment.

Lessons in Challenging Australian
Curriculum Maths Lessons: Year 7

  • Working With Index Notation and Numerical Expressions

  • Products of Fractions and Mixed Numbers

  • Independent and Dependent Variables

  • Recognising Volume as Additive

  • Representing Measurements on Dot Plots, and more.