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Climate Change From Pole to Pole: Biology Investigations

Author: Juanita Constible, Luke Sandro, Richard E. Lee, Jr

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ISBN: 9781760014704

No of Pages: 242

Publish date: 12/05/2017

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A subject of worldwide interest and concern, climate change
is especially relevant to today’s secondary school and university students, who
will be living with its effects as they grow older. With biology as its focal
point, this book uses current scientific literature and field-tested activities
to help you and your students become more scientifically literate about this
pressing global problem.

Six field-tested case studies allow students to explore the
impact that a changing climate has on

  • penguin communities in the
    Antarctic Peninsula

  • polar bears and Arctic wildlife

  • wolves as a stabilising factor
    in ecosystems

  • bird migration and breeding

  • pollen allergies in the
    Northern Hemisphere

  • heat waves from pole to pole.

Students use guiding questions, graphs, data tables, short
reading assignments and independent research to investigate those six critical

In addition, three special chapters for teachers contain
well-researched background information on the science of climate and climate
change. They are followed by a six-page summary for students, “Quick Guide to
Climate”. All of these features, plus a glossary of key terms and many
captivating photographs, make Climate
Change From Pole to Pole
a must-have book for secondary school and university
teachers and their students who want to understand the challenges facing planet