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Coaching Classroom Instruction: The Classroom Strategies Series

Author: Tammy Heflebower, Robert Marzano, Phil Warrick, Julia A Simms, Tom Roy

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ISBN: 9781743306741

No of Pages: 270

Publish date: 11/10/2012

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Coaching Classroom Instruction demonstrates the importance of coaching – an essential component in effective teaching. This resource is designed to guide coaches in giving targeted feedback to teachers and identify specific steps that teachers can take to improve their knowledge and skill. This book includes 280 research-based classroom strategies, organised under forty-one elements of effective teaching, to help coaches move teachers through the five levels of Marzano's teacher progress scale. Chapters include:

  • Research and Theory,

  • A Foundation for Coaching,

  • Not Using (0) to Beginning (1),

  • Beginning (1) to Developing (2) and Developing (2) to Applying (3),

  • Applying (3) to Innovating (4), and

  • Aspects of Coaching

Coaching Classroom Instruction also features reproducible materials that contain additional resources for the text, including duplicate copies of the comprehension questions from the guide, forty-one web-only resources taken from Robert J. Marzano’s website that supplement the lessons found in the text, and a list of additional resources for reflective practice.

Part of The Classroom Strategies Series, this clear, highly practical guide follows the series format, first summarising key research and then translating it into recommendations for classroom practice.

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