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Cognitive Capital: Investing in Teacher Quality

Author: Arthur Costa, Robert Garmston, Diane P Zimmerman

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ISBN: 9781760011437

No of Pages: 138

Publish date: 24/02/2015

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Building on the authors' celebrated work in Cognitive Coaching, this important book provides teachers, schools
and policy leaders with the rationale and new direction for enhancing the
development of the intellectual capacity of educators, their performance and
their ultimate effects on student learning.

The authors focus on assisting teachers in developing awareness of
their own ability to make effective judgements based on all their capabilities
and experiences. When teachers weave internal expertise and external criteria
together into the exquisite tapestry of teaching and learning, they gain
confidence in their ability to make a difference for all students. Rather than
spending time becoming better inspectors and enforcers, Cognitive Capital: Investing in Teacher Quality calls for skilful
leaders to engage educators’ thought processes in order to promote practices that
have lasting impacts on their students.

Cognitive Capital begins with a description of the current
state of affairs and examines how the authors have ignored the rich inner
thinking of their teaching – its cognitive capital – and they introduce the
reader to a more complete and powerful set of thinking assumptions that promote
thoughtful growth and development, with the goal of personal and collective
excellence. Through their work the authors have learned how to invest in
cognitive capital, and they describe how states of mind, which began as a set
of cognitive intentions, morphed into a powerful, transforming set of
invitations for thinking.