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Connecting Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design and What Works in Schools: An Exploration of Research-Based Strategies (DVD)

Author: Robert Marzano, Jay McTighe, Carol Tomlinson, Grant Wiggins

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ISBN: 9781742394930

Publish date: 25/02/2010

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Yes you can turn three of the leading approaches to school improvement into a unified system. For the first time on one stage, the experts on Differentiated Instruction, Understanding by Design, and What Works in Schools speak about these powerhouse educational approaches and share the underpinnings of their work and the implications for educators who use these models during a panel discussion recorded live at the 2008 ASCD Summer Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This DVD features: Carol Ann Tomlinson on Differentiated Instruction; Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe on Understanding by Design; and Robert Marzano on What Works in Schools. This recording gives you a front row seat and backstage access to interviews with the panellists.

One 90-minute DVD