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Designing Teacher-Student Partnership Classrooms

Author: Meg Ormiston

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ISBN: 9781760561895

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Publish date: 11/04/2017

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Designing Teacher–Student Partnership
Meg Ormiston offers practical strategies for modifying classrooms toward
developing efficient, digital-rich spaces in which all F–12 students and
teachers continually learn from each other. Ormiston believes that students should
be teachers’ learning partners in the classroom, drastically shifting most
classrooms; current structure.

Educators will

  • gain strategy-rich and practical
    approaches to immediately create change in their classrooms

  • study real stories and examples
    of transformation in F–12 classrooms and read teachers’ and students’

  • discover online organisational,
    planning and collection tools to use before and after lessons

  • determine how to connect to
    other classrooms and manage personal portfolios online

  • take on the role of an
    activator in the classroom, instead of the traditional teaching role.