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Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint, Second Edition: Teaching Powerful Storytelling

Author: Meg Ormiston, Mark Standley

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ISBN: 9781760013899

No of Pages: 88

Publish date: 10/09/2015

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This book provides practical ideas and lessons to apply digital storytelling in schools. It includes broader strategies for teaching powerful storytelling, and useful downloadable resources and examples of digital storytelling in education.

Today’s technology allows students and staff to tell stories in powerful ways. The digital camera, editing software and media outlets allow anyone to tell their story. Not only can they tell their story, but share a curricular concept, help in staff development, create publicity for the school, share achievements on standards or build learning communities around the world. With this capacity to create powerful stories, we need to remember what makes great stories for audiences. We should think about how storytelling helps students learn. 

Digital Storytelling with PowerPoint helps teachers learn how to create, teach and coach storytelling with students across the curriculum. You’ll find broad ideas about storytelling in information literacy, knowledge management and critical thinking. You’ll also find very practical ideas about using PowerPoint software in digital storytelling for curriculum nights, ABCs and student portfolios.