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Humane Teaching: Humane - A Commitment to the Alleviation of Suffering (eBook)

Author: Michael Hann, Rich Allen, Tom Gannon

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How do you make sure students remember what you teach them?

How do you be as relevant as text messages on a teenager’s iPhone?

How do you transform a boring lesson into an interesting experience?

This user-friendly book answers all these questions. It helps you understand the environmental, psychological and physiological factors that make students pay attention to, think about and remember new information.

Drawing from the scientific proven premise that students cannot take in new information if they are bored, distracted or uncomfortable, the authors offer nine practical strategies to get your class to engage with the content.

This “Humane” approach will change your teaching life – making you more confident and effective – and your students highly appreciative.

Help make dull and painful classroom presentations relics of the past by using Humane techniques to deliver content your students will understand, think about and remember.