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Inquire: A Guide to 21st Century Learning, Teacher's Guide (eBook)

Author: Chris Erickson, Janae Sebranek, Robert King

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The Inquire Teacher's Guide introduces you to Inquire, shares the pedagogy that prompted its development, offers planning and instruction guidelines, and provides chapter-by-chapter lesson plans.

The Teacher's Guide is divided into two main parts. Part I introduces you to the Inquire handbook and helps you implement instruction thoughtfully and meaningfully. Part II provides chapter-by-chapter lesson plans.

Part I: Presenting Inquire

  • Overview

  • Pedagogy Behind Inquire

  • Quick Tours of Inquire

  • Using Inquire for Planning and Instruction

  • Assessing Student Work

  • Correlations for Inquire

  • Research Guide to Inquire

Part II: Chapter-by-Chapter Lesson Plans

  • Outcomes and Correlations

  • Daily Lesson Plans

  • Extension and Review

  • Content-Area Milestones

  • Team-Teaching Milestones

Inquire is a complete learning handbook, reflecting the latest and best research on thinking and literacy from around the world. It covers 21st century skills, basic study skills, the inquiry process and classroom projects. The Inquire Teacher's Guide is your complete guide to using it to best meet the learning needs of all your students.