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Strategies That Work, Third Edition: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding, Engagement, and Building Knowledge, Grades K-8

Author: Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

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In this new edition of their ground-breaking book Strategies That Work, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis share the work and thinking they’ve done since the second edition came out a decade ago. They offer new perspectives on how to explicitly teach thinking strategies to that students become engaged, thoughtful, independent readers.

The new edition is organised around three sections:

  • Part I: The Foundation of Meaning includes

    • up-to-date research and new thinking in the field of comprehension

    • current trends in content literacy; close strategic reading, listening and viewing; text complexity and critical thinking

    • twenty-first-century reading, especially digital literacy and its implications for practice.

  • Part II: Strategy Lessons includes a chapter on comprehension practices and thirty new strategy lessons that

    • focus on monitoring, connecting, questioning, inferring, visualising, determining importance and synthesising as tools for understanding

    • build knowledge across the curriculum

    • integrate comprehension and technology.

  • Part III: Comprehension Across the Curriculum includes chapters on

    • content literacy; reading,
      writing and research in science and social studies

    • researcher’s workshop: inquiry
      across the curriculum.

Since the first publication of Strategies That Work, more than a million teachers have benefited
from Steph and Anne’s practical advice on creating classrooms that are incubators
for deep thought. This third edition is a must have resource for a generation
of new teachers – and a welcome refresher for those with dog-eared copies of
this timeless guide to teaching comprehension.