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Becoming a Literacy Leader: Supporting Learning and Change (eBook)

Author: Jennifer Allen

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Becoming a Literacy Leader chronicles the work of Jennifer Allen, an
elementary teacher who moved to a new school and a new job as a literacy
specialist, and found herself tackling everything from teacher study groups to
state-mandated assessment plans. The book is rooted in Jennifer’s belief that
teachers know what they need when it comes to professional development in
literacy, and the best literacy leaders are those who listen to and respect the
educators in their midst. Grounded in research but thoroughly practical,
Jennifer shares advice on:

  • organising
    a literacy room with resources for classroom teachers, including book lists,
    bins of children’s books tied to craft and strategy lessons, bulletin board
    ideas and files with instructional materials

  • developing
    intervention classrooms for struggling readers and writers built on
    collaboration between teachers and literacy specialists

  • setting
    up assessment notebooks for teachers, and preparing new and veteran teachers
    for student assessments across year levels

  • creating
    model programs for dealing with school-wide problems like reading fluency, and
    then moving from the pilot to implementation in many classrooms

  • and
    much more.

At a time when all administrators are urged to be literacy
leaders, this insider’s view helps to define what leadership looks like and
shows how to create an environment that fosters professional development.
Jennifer Allen shares the balance leaders struggle with, as they strive to
support and honour the fine practices of teachers, even as they nudge
colleagues to improve their literacy instruction. Ultimately, Becoming a Literacy Leader is a hopeful
book, an optimistic and realistic portrait of life in schools among teachers
committed to doing their jobs well.