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Becoming Scientists: Inquiry-Based Teaching in Diverse Classrooms, Grades 3-5 (eBook)

Author: Rusty Bresser, Sharon Fargason

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Good science starts with a question, perhaps from the teacher at the
start of a science unit or from the children as they wonder what makes a
toy car move, how food decomposes, or why leaves change color. Using
inquiry science, children discover answers to their questions in the
same way that scientists do—they design experiments, make predictions,
observe and describe, offer and test explanations, and share their
conjectures with others. In essence, they construct their own
understanding of how the world works through experimentation,
reflection, and discussion.

Look into real classrooms where teachers practice inquiry science and
engage students in the science and engineering practices outlined in
the Next Generation Science Standards. Rusty Bresser and Sharon Fargason
show teachers how to do the following:

  • Build on students' varied experiences, background knowledge, and readiness

  • Respond to the needs of students with varying levels of English language proficiency

  • Manage a diverse classroom during inquiry science exploration

  • Facilitate science discussions

  • Deepen their own science content knowledge

As the authors state, "Inquiry science has little to do with
textbooks and lectures and everything to do with our inherent need as a
species to learn about and reflect on the world around us." Join your
students on a journey of discovery as you explore your world via