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Essentials for Principals: Data-Based Decision Making, Third Edition

Author: Edie Holcomb

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ISBN: 9781743303351

No of Pages: 116

Publish date: 19/04/2012

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Data-Based Decision Making empowers primary principals to become more knowledgeable about using data in their leadership responsibilities. It advocates deep examination of data with a framework of three questions to investigate and eliminate the obstacles that stand in the way of effective data use: What data are you looking for? How will you find the data? How will you use the data? Principals will learn how to use data to clarify decisions, identify solutions, reach struggling learners, strengthen instruction, target resources more effectively and re-examine their own role as school leader.

Author Edie Holcomb also offers principals:

  • Guiding questions and protocols to stimulate authentic data discussions along with opportunities for self-reflection

  • Information about creating a data-friendly climate and school improvement and data teams

  • Considerations for the use of data in implementing differentiated instruction and schoolwide response to intervention programs