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Essentials for Principals: Effective Program Evaluation, Second Edition

Author: Dawn Billings, Mardale Dunsworth

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ISBN: 9781742393803

No of Pages: 88

Publish date: 16/05/2012

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Educators and administrators are increasingly realising the importance of making decisions based on reliable, accurate data. It is not always clear how to gather such data, however, or what to do with the data once they have been collected.

Effective Program Evaluation provides a clear and easily implemented blueprint for transparent, accurate data collection and evaluation of academic programs, practices and strategies.

Authors Mardale Dunsworth and Dawn Billings provide detailed, straightforward strategies for:

  • selecting data collection methods that will yield the most useful information

  • determining how well a program is aligned with your relevant standards and meeting learning goals

  • understanding a program or instructional strategy's strengths and identifying ways to address its weaknesses

This Essentials for Principals guide includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the program evaluation cycle and an appendix that explains vital concepts and vocabulary in accessible language.