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Essentials for Principals: Strengthening the Connection Between School & Home, Second Edition

Author: Ricardo LeBlanc-Esparza, Kym LeBlanc-Esparza

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ISBN: 9781743306888

No of Pages: 92

Publish date: 16/11/2012

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In this Essentials for Principals series book, the authors describe the pivotal role family engagement plays in student achievement. Strengthening the Connection Between School & Home provides numerous strategies for reaching out to and involving family members—both in their children’s learning and in the life of the school. Among the many reproducible checklists, surveys and handouts are sample scripts in Spanish and English to guide school personnel when phoning parents about both difficult and good news. This valuable resource also highlights issues that may arise when working towards greater family involvement in high-poverty schools. P–8 school leaders will learn how to:

  • Get past their own misconceptions and stereotypes about school-home relationships

  • Structure effective parent-teacher and parent-principal conferences

  • Reach out for support to community leaders and businesses

  • Plan successful family-school events and teacher home visits

  • Use media and technology to increase family engagement

  • Connect with hard-to-reach families