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Everyday Comprehension Intervention Activities: Years 1-2

Author: Newmark Learning

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ISBN: 9781743302170

No of Pages: 130

Publish date: 22/12/2014

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Some students master comprehension strategies with ease, but others need
more help to get a handle on essential strategies. Everyday Comprehension
Intervention Activities makes it easy to provide intervention targeted to
students’ needs.

resource for Years 1–2 includes 100 fun and engaging practice activities,
end-of-unit assessments and access to downloadable pre- and post-assessments.
Reteach and assess skills one strategy at a time with five-day activity units,
each at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate students’ rate of
learning. Here’s how it

  • Day 1: Model the Skill

  • Days 2–4: Practise the Skill

  • Day
    5: Assess the Skill

Designed for
teachers to assist struggling learners, this book offers quick, easy, effective
solutions for intervention instruction, including Response to Intervention

units in this book include:

  • Making

  • Identifying
    sequence of events

  • Summarising

  • Making

  • Drawing

  • Identifying
    cause and effect

  • Analysing
    story elements

  • Comparing
    and contrasting