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Rigor in Your School: A Toolkit for Leaders

Author: Barbara Blackburn, Ronald Williamson

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ISBN: 9781742399959

No of Pages: 222

Publish date: 16/08/2011

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Raise the level of rigour in your school and dramatically improve student learning with the tools in this book. Each illuminating exercise is tailored to educators looking to spread the word on rigour and beat the obstacles to achieving it schoolwide. These tools are perfect for those who currently hold a leadership position, who aspire to a leadership role and for those who simply are leaders within their schools or departments. Apply the courage of principals and the energy of teacher leaders as you work to provide every student with a rigorous education. This toolkit will take you through each step of the way to improved rigour and achievement.

Sample tools include:

  • Assess where you are now

  • Recognise the right people

  • Design an advocacy plan

  • Use your school's schedule to increase rigour