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From Inspiration to Red Carpet: Host Your Own Student Film Festival

Author: William L Bass, Christian Goodrich, Kim Lindskog

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ISBN: 9781743302989

No of Pages: 189

Publish date: 21/03/2014

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The glitz, the glamour, the excitement! Host a student film festival to see it all come to life. More importantly, you’ll see how invested your students are in their projects and how preparing for this moment has helped them to enhance their writing, storytelling, creativity and digital literacy skills. From Inspiration to Red Carpet: Host Your Own Student Film Festival is the perfect resource for teachers looking to improve their students’ writing and digital literacy skills.

The authors are technology integration specialists charged with helping teachers in their district make technology a fundamental part of learning and teaching. They took note of students’ interest in digital media outside of school and realised that video production was an excellent way to get students engaged and using technology in the classroom. To make video production a part of the district culture, they developed the Parkway School Digital Film Festival. This festival has since become a catalyst for innovation in the classroom. A film festival can do the same at your school or district!

In this book, discover the power of digital video, learn how to work with teachers to integrate video production into the curriculum, and get step-by-step guidance on developing and implementing a successful film festival.