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Start Seeing and Serving Underserved Gifted Students: 50 Strategies for Equity and Excellence

Author: Jennifer Ritchotte, Chin-Wen Lee, Amy Graefe

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ISBN: 9781760940157

No of Pages: 190

Publish date: 13/12/2019

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The underrepresentation of students from historically marginalised populations – including English language learners, twice-exceptional students, culturally and linguistically diverse students, and economically disadvantaged students – in our gifted programs and services continues to be a critical issue in education. The importance of a caring and committed teacher who sees and supports the potential in all learners and who respects linguistic diversity and students’ cultural identity cannot be overstated, yet teachers need the knowledge and training to do so.

This reader-friendly guide meets that need, promoting equity in gifted education by providing teachers with a variety of flexible tools to nurture the academic and affective growth of their gifted students from traditionally underserved populations.

Over fifty strategies are outlined within five chapters addressing how teachers can see, understand, teach, challenge and advocate for their underserved gifted learners in all content areas. The authors share numerous student quotes, teacher anecdotes and spotlights on successful school efforts. 

Educators will learn to:

  • recognise the strengths of underserved gifted learners

  • become aware of their implicit biases and the effect on their teaching

  • create a culturally responsive learning environment

  • advocate for underserved gifted students on a micro and macro scale

  • understand the academic, social and emotional needs of underserved gifted students.