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Gears: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Activities, Years F-2

Author: Sandra Bishop

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ISBN: 9781740253178

No of Pages: 64

Publish date: 10/11/2014

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Gears: Science, Technology, Engineering
& Mathematics Activities
will help guide students in the early learning to primary levels
as they begin to grasp the concepts of STEM-focused instruction. 

The lessons in this book can be used with Australian Curriculum:
Mathematics, Science and Technologies instruction at the Foundation to Year 2
level. They are sequential and designed to give the children a lot of fun while
discovering for themselves some interesting concepts. The children are actively
engaged as learners experiencing many ideas relating to gears. They look in
detail at the direction in which gears spin, the various sizes of gears,
combinations in which bases can be arranged and the effects that various
combinations have on spinning directions. They look at the varying attributes
while sorting and classifying as well as beginning early work on building an
understanding of ratio. They have the opportunity to record results on a
table/spreadsheet, as pictures graphs, wall stories, etc.

All lessons have an extensive list of skills and outcomes based on
Australian Curriculum content. The lessons include student worksheets and
assessment ideas. The assessment tasks include checklists, student
self-evaluations, work samples to collect and specific observations to make. 

The lessons plans in Gears
are based on Gears! Gears! Gears!®, manufactured by Learning
Resources®. Sets of the Gears! Gears! Gears!® product are
necessary to make full use of the activities within Gears