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Giving Students Effective Feedback (Quick Reference Guide)

Author: Susan Brookhart

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ISBN: 9781760562182

No of Pages: 8

Publish date: 07/03/2017

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Properly crafted and individually tailored feedback on student work is proven to boost student achievement across subjects and year levels. Based on the updated and expanded second edition of Susan M. Brookhart’s
best-selling book, this quick reference guide details the three lenses for considering the effectiveness of feedback: (1) does it conform to the research, (2) does it offer an episode of learning for the student and teacher and (3) does the student use the feedback to extend learning?

The vast majority of students will respond positively to feedback that shows you care about them and their learning. Whether you teach young students or teens about to graduate, this quick reference guide is an invaluable resource for guaranteeing that the feedback you give students is engaging, informative and, above all, effective.

Feedback is one of the most important variables affecting student learning. Learn how and when to provide effective feedback that helps students see where they are going, where they are now and where they should go next in their learning with this full-colour, glossy quick reference guide.

This quick reference guide is designed to be used as a supplement for How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students, Second Edition (116066), assisting you in applying the ideas presented in the text to a classroom setting.

Number of Pages: 8