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Giving Students Effective Feedback

Author: Susan Brookhart

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Publish date: 28/02/2017

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Properly crafted and individually tailored feedback on student work is proven to boost student achievement across subjects and grades. In this updated and expanded second edition of her best-selling book, Susan M. Brookhart offers enhanced guidance and three lenses for considering the effectiveness of feedback: 

  1. does it conform to the research

  2. does it offer an episode of learning for the student and teacher and 

  3. does the student use the feedback to extend learning? 

In this comprehensive guide for teachers at all levels, you will find information on every aspect of feedback, including strategies to uplift and encourage students to persevere in their work how to formulate and deliver feedback that both assesses learning and extends instruction when and how to use oral, written and visual as well as individual, group or whole-class feedback a concise and updated overview of the research findings on feedback and how they apply to today’s classrooms.

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Giving Students Effective Feedback (Quick Reference Guide)

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How to Give Effective Feedback to Your Students, Second Edition

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