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Google Tools for Teaching and Learning 4th Edition

Author: Tammy Worcester

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ISBN: 9781743301289

No of Pages: 142

Publish date: 25/06/2012

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As a company, Google is constantly changing and adapting to suit the needs of its users, and this does not exclude those who use it to teach. Google offers many tools for enhancing the classroom environment, all of which are simple to access and utilise.

Google offers a multitude of terrific tools that can be used to enhance both teaching and learning. The tools are powerful, user-friendly and FREE! This book highlights many of these tools and provides clever ideas for using them in the classroom.

The 4th Edition provides new screen shots and instructions for:

  • Updated interface and menus for all Google tools

  • Google Advanced Search options

  • Completely new Blogger interface

  • Student blogging guidelines

  • Updated Google Calendar options

  • New Google Docs features

  • Updated sharing and publishing options for Google Docs

Google Tools for Teaching and Learning, 4th Edition, is a fantastic resource for any classroom that could be enhanced by using technology in the curriculum. Presented in clear chapters, the tools and activities are appropriate for any subject area, in any school.